Advertising tents

The tent cover is ideal for placing your advertisement. They are used by large companies, municipalities, counties, the military and small entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the competition.

By sublimation

Any graphic can be printed on the transfer paper and then passed through a calender with a cloth. Done in such manner, the print is characterized by high quality and its resistance to atmospheric agents. Printing can be performed only by a light material which can be seen on one side of the wall, and on the other side only the fabric is seen. The solution is to have a double wall so sewn up in a specific color on the light side of the fabric.

Method of thermo transfer

Flex foil in any color is cut on the plotter and then glued by heat to the fabric. It works in the case of printing where there is no tone jump. The biggest advantages of this method is the possibility to use it on any color of fabric and at a low price for small prints.

Often, in order to meet customers’ expectations and that the price is not excessive, we combine these two methods. Below there are some examples of printed tents