About us

Decades of experience gained through:

  • Production of waterproof fabric (umbrella) by coating them with a special resin.
  • Stabilization of the fibers to produce fabrics by vacuum evaporation.
  • Production of camouflage fabric by the method of screen printing and then steaming it with a dry steam to consolidate the printing.
  • Production and export of sheathings for quickly unfolding tents to Germany.
  • Production and export of steel bar tables to Germany.
  • Production and installation of awnings for balconies.

Which is insured by our well-qualified and trained staff members, including both material engineers as well as textile technicians.

All this has allowed us to select the best components and create a product which has an excellent reputation, both on the Polish and foreign markets .

Because each element is made by us in our well-equipped machine park, we are able to satisfy each client’s needs individually.